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4 Big Matches That Will Be Played This Sunday Across Four Major Leagues

1) Inter Milan versus Juventus

Inter Milan is set to play against Juventus in the Italian Seria A, this sunday. Juventus has not really been in the best of form this season, as they are currently seventh on the league table. Inter Milan on the other hand, is currently sitting on the third position. If they lose, they may drop to the sixth or seventh position, while Juventus might drop to the nineth position if they lose too. The match will definitely be a very tough one, as none of them will want to lose.

2) Marseille versus PSG

Marseille will be hosting PSG on sunday too. PSG is currently sitting on the top of their table, and leading the second position with nine points. Marseille is one of the biggest teams in the Ligue 1, and they are known to always give PSG a run for their money.

3) Manchester United versus Liverpool

Two of the biggest teams in the English premier league, Manchester United and Liverpool will also be battling each other this sunday. The match promises to be a very intriguing one, just as their previous matches. A lot of people will however expect Liverpool to win because they are in a better form, but this is football where anything can happen.

4) Barcelona versus Real Madrid

Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two biggest clubs in Spain. El classico matches have always been known to be dramatic and unpredictable. Real Madrid are favourites to win the match on sunday, but the Barcelona team may end up surprising everyone.

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