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Meet Escobar The Colombia Footballer Who Was Shot Dead For Scoring Own Goal

Andrés Escobar was a colombia footballer who played as a defender for Colombia national team. Escobar born on 13 March 1967, was nickname the gentleman , because he was a calm person especially on the pitch, you can even see that in is looks.

His father was a banker who founded an organisation that gives people especially the young ones the opportunity to play football instead of being on the streets. While playing, Escobar helped Nacional a club in colombia to win the 1989 Copa Libertadores.

Escobar first appeared to the world in an international competition that took place at the 1988 Rous Cup, during the match, he scored the only goal of his career in a 1–1 draw against England. The young footballer had been a great player until he made a very big mistake, a mistake that caused his team to be eliminated from the world cup that was not over yet.

It happened during the 1994 FIFA World Cup against the United States, while trying to block a cross from American midfielder John Harkes , he inadvertently deflected the ball into his own net. The match ended in favor of the United States 2–1.

This sad event made Escobar very devastated. He received threats to his life, but he never took them serious. Soon after they returned home, the young man did not lay low, on July 2nd 1994, the football tournament was still on. Escobar invited a fellow player to an outing, he was advised by his friend and manager to lay low, but Escobar paid a deaf ears to them.

While at the bar enjoying himself, a few people began insulting him, he then left the premises, but still a group of 4 followed him as they kept labelling him a faggot. While the argument continued a gun was fired Escobar was shot 6 times in the back.

Thoes who killed him, were believed to be gangsters who lost heavily in betting for Colombia. 

The death of Escobar tarnished the image of Colombia internationally. Escobar was recognized world wide because he worked hard to promote Colombia's image.

During his funeral, more than 100,000 were present to pay their last respect. Till date Escobar is still remembered as the player who was brutally murdered for scoring a own goal.

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