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Wilfred Ndidi, One of the Best Midfielders in the World

Whenever I think about defensive midfielders, I am often also constrained to think about them in terms of their contributions to the game. The key passes they make per game, the tackle ratio and their rates of interceptions. Defensive midfielders have some of the seemingly easier jobs in world football but it actually takes a highly technical and intelligent player to excel in the defensive midfield position for any team, because if a team is about to concede a goal, all the opposing team has to do is figure out how to immobilise the defensive midfielder, the resultant effect is that the defenders, no matter how good they are, are immediately exposed. I have compiled a list of my favourite five defensive midfielders in world football as of today.

#5 Iikay Gundogan - Manchester City

Since his Borussia Dortmund days, I have always admired Gundogan for the manner with which he committed himself to the role. He is an embodiment of grace even when he is sacrificing himself to keep his team on top. He sits behind the players on the attacking positions and throws himself at winning all loose balls should any of the players in front of him looses it. He is not only a joy to watch, he is also such a team player. At Manchester City, he spearheads the press and his incredible passing skills helps keep the team together. Beyond all of these, he is also a fantastic shooter.

#4 Casemiro - Real Madrid

For a number of years now, Casemiro has shown time and again why he is one of the most important players in the Bernabau. In terms of consistency, he has over the years shown why he deserves his spot in the Madrid team. He specialises in balls that capitalise on the opponent’s push forward in order to find space in their rear areas. He is so good at making interceptions and winning balls and he is the perfect utility player when your team is down and in need for a player that can fit into any role perfectly.

#3 Fabinho - Liverpool

At the heart of the dynamic Liverpool team that has beaten almost all the top teams in the premiership is this incredible Brazilian. Tall and menacing in appearance, Fabinho earns himself a place in this selection because of his contributions to the highflying Liverpool side that is probably the best team in the world at the moment. He is good with long diagonal balls that engage wing players and hard to beat when in a defensive position.

#2 Wilfred Ndidi - Leicester City

Ndidi joined Leicester after their premier league and world cup winning midfield genius Ngolo Kante joined Chelsea and has since proved that he is a capable replacement. He currently is one of the most sorted after defensive midfielder in the premier league and this is why. He is tall and has a powerful jump that aids him to win aerial balls. For his height he is also quite light on his feet which means that he tracks-back to help defensively a lot. He currently leads the league in interceptions. He can also be seen assuming the role of leader, as he verbally encourages teammates, point and shouting instructions. Going forward he is good at supplying diagonal long balls that put his teammates through on goal, or at least in attacking areas.

#1 Sergio Busquets - Barcelona

This 28 year old is one of the most decorated players in the history of the game. His uniqueness lies in his accuracy in the distribution of balls, strong ball tackling and also his height. He is known as a tactical genius because of his ability to read games and send passes to the least expected places. Most of his coaches rely on him to interpret some of their instructions to his teammates during games. He is not a lot of people’s favourite, but nobody can deny his talent.

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