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See the old rivalry which Chelsea are set to renew next season

Every club in the Premier League, and football in general, has rivalries to boast about. Even the so called lesser clubs have rivals, not to talk of the elites and the big guns. Chelsea are one of those, and the Blues have enjoyed several rivalries over the years, mostly against their London neighbors Tottenham and Arsenal, and there's the rivalries with Manchester United and Liverpool, among others.

One rivalry young fans may not know about is the rivalry between Chelsea and...Leeds United. Yes, the newly promoted side and the Blues have a rivalry which dates back to the 1960s and 1970s. That was the period when hooliganism was at its zenith in England. Apart from the intense matches on the pitch, there used to be clashes between fans on the streets.

But overtime the rivalry has somewhat died down because while Chelsea have established themselves as an elite club and have been in the top flight, Leeds United have been absent from the PL since 2003.

But they're back now, and its left to be seen how both teams will take this rivalry: the last time they played was in 2013 in the FA Cup, when Chelsea demolished Leeds 5-1.

There are subplots this time, as Chelsea boss Lampard had a controversial run in with Leeds Boss Marcelo Bielsa while Lampard was in the Championship with Derby County, as Leeds famously spied on Derby in one if their training sessions. It was also Derby who knocked Leeds out of the Chamoionship playoffs last year.

So between the managers and the clubs, there's a lot of history and bad blood.Hence, one can expect the bitter rivalry to be rekindled. And although hooliganism has died down in England, plus there's no dwelling whether there might be fans next season, but one things for sure: when Chelsea and Leeds take to the pitch, you can expect the intensity to increase.

Just like old times.

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