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La Liga

Lionel Messi Vs Karim Benzema: Comprehensive Statistics (This Season)

The statistics below shows how the two La Liga players were compared based on their performance this season so far. The comparison is between the real Madrid Striker Karim Benzema and The Barcelona player Lionel Messi.

These two players has been rated as the top players who are most valuable in the transfer market. This season so far the two clubs these players plays for has been rubbing shoulders.

The Barcelona player Lionel Messi Who is known as the king of Barcelona has did his best this season so far to maintain his record, break records, created a great impact in his club.

However, the real Madrid attacker Karim Benzema is the top Real Madrid defender who has as well scored mist goals for real Madrid and granted them the favour of winning the LA Liga title this season.

From the statistics below, the real Madrid players Benzema has made 35 appearances, scored 19 goals with 8 goal assists.

The Barcelona player Lionel Messi played 31 games, scored 22 goals with 21 goal assists.

Do you think this two players are comparable in any form? 

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