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TOP 8 Most dangerous wrestling moves. (Photos)

Wrestling may be Acted or Scripted, but wrestlers can be seriously hurt by some dangerous stunts. Few wrestlers like Paige, Edge, and Daniel Bryan, have all suffered career-ending injury. In my article today, I will be showing you 8 most dangerous moves in WWE wrestling

1. Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster

This Famous Wrestler had one of the most dangerous moves back in NXT. Well, It involves lifting another wrestler, tucking them in the neck and head, and then dropping them down

2. The Canadian Destroyer

This dangerous move was first done by Petey Williams. Well, it is a common move done by Rey.

3. The Rack Attack

This particular move is not dangerous for the wrestler who takes it, but it is very dangerous for the wrestler executing it. It was Nikki finishing for a long time, but she eventually had to stop using it.

4. Chair Shot To The Head

This dangerous move has been responsible for brain bleeds, concussions, and even long term health problem such as Chronic encephalopathy. That is the reason why it is actually banned from the WWE.

5. The Diving Headbutt

The diving Headbutt, is a move created entirely by accident. Few wrestlers have used this move including Daniel Bryan, and Chris Benoit. The move involve jumping off top rope and heading straight toward the other person's head, which poses danger for both person's involved.

6. Tiger Driver

Although the Tiger Driver looks incredibly impressive, you will not see it a lot in WWE wrestling, because of the danger it poses. To execute these move, a wrestler needs to wrap the opponent's arms up, then flip them to do a forwards facing down. This move is very deadly, because the opponent could land on their neck.

7. Burning Hammer

This move was invented by one of the Japanese legendary wrestler, Kenta Kobashi. Surprisingly, he only used this move seven times in his career.

For this move to be executed, a wrestler has to (invert Death Valley Driver). It simply means, the opponent can land on the neck and spine, which could cause a serious injury.

8. Piledriver

The Tombstone piledriver is mostly used by the Undertaker and Kane. However, the earlier piledriver is more deadly. This particular move, causes the opponents to almost land on their neck, so even a slight mistake can cause a serious injury.

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