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Reactions As Nneka Ede Becomes A Club Owner.

They what a man can do, a woman do better.

Going by the news making wave on social Media about one Mrs. Nneka who shock the world after she acquired a football club in Portugal.

Nigerians all over the world have since been talking about it, as many commend her for such a wise move.

I am the type of person who loves to read good things, especially when it about achievement and breakthrough. I came across this reply of a Yoruba guy, though his name wasn't mentioned. This man was highly pleased with the success of Mrs. Nneka, has he expressed his undying love for the Igbo's in general, even though he's from the western part of Nigeria.

This only shows how better this country can be and even Africa at large if give woman their deserved place in the various key position in the country, that is gender equality. Truth be told, an average Nigerian woman always strives to uphold her family and maintain law and order in society.

The Nigeria woman, who broke the record in Africa, by becoming the first female to owned a football club In Africa is an Igbo woman. She shot herself into the Pinnacle of History when she successfully bought the football club in Europe, Portugal to be precise.

It was a thing of joy, as it was openly declared to the world by the reputable Igbo twitter page Known as "repreigbo", with the handle @igboHistoFacts. They made the revelation early hours of yesterday that the businesswoman with the name Mrs. Nneka Ede just sealed a business deal involving the acquisition and ownership of over 108 years old football club in Portugal, with the name 'Lusitano Ginasio' in a mega-deal, but the actual price tag wasn't disclosed.

This is huge! "

This news is a big one for Nigeria and Africa and most especially the Igbo Community. I just hope more women and young girls out there are watching. Because with or without your husband you can also be great and shake the world.

On the other hand, the club said this will provide opportunities for the club, and hope that this new chapter will deepen the existing sports relationship they have with Nigeria. Has hope that this will continue to promote the rich history of the Lusitano club and offer young Talents to the world of football.

Congratulations Mrs. Nneka Ede.

Below is the screenshot of the announcement and reactions that trailed it:


"Nice achievement, At least a positive narration far away from the stereotypes going round daily against Igbo people. People should not forget to say that Igbo has people like this lady Nneka who're flying the colors of Nigeria high. I like this."


"I am a Yoruba man, but I respect Igbo's"

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