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Meet the man who hold the world record for holding the most world records!

Ever heard of Guinness Book of records?

For years now Guiness World Records have continue to amaze us about things the exceed human limits. Over time, there are record setters and breakers. And since a person can hold multiple records, you might ask about who holds the largest multiples of records.

Meet Ashrita Furman

Born as Keita Furman in Brooklyn, USA on September 16, 1954. He was fascinated about the Guinness Book of records as a child but he never believed he could hold one as he is unathletic. So, he delved into spirituality.

He set his first official record in 1979 by performing 27,000 jumping jacks in 6 hours 45min. And since then he has been setting and breaking records.

In fact, he used to hold a total record of 550 but has been narrowed down to 226 by other record breakers.

He had set records in 40 countries and has completed his goal of setting records in the 7 continents.

Among is numerous records are:

• His giant pencil – 76 feet (23 m) long, 22,000 pounds (with 4,000 solid pounds of Pennsylvania graphite )

• Hula hoop record at Uluru.

• Distance pool cue balancing.

• Most sit ups in an hour.

• Hopping on a kangaroo ball.

• Standing on a Swiss ball.

•Fastest time to run a mile while balancing a milk bottle on the head.

•The record for running 8 km (4.97 mi) on stilts in the fastest time (39 min. 56 sec.). A record which had stood since 1982.

• Distance sack racing, which he did for a mile while racing against a yak in Mongolia in 2007

• Fastest mile in somersaulting.

• Longest underwater cycling distance,

• Fastest mile on a pogo stick while juggling three balls

And others.

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