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WWE: Check Out These 7 Match Types Undertaker Has Never Competed In

Undertaker has had a very wide career in the WWE as he is really a legend in the wrestling industry and one of the greatest professional wrestlers in WWE history.

However there are some interesting match types that The Deadman has never participated in despite his large career and wide array of achievement. Here are 7 match types he has not participated in:

1. Money In The Bank Match

The money in the Bank ladder match is a multi-person ladder match held by professional wrestling promotion WWE. The Deadman has never found a way into one of these matches during his tenure.

2. Championship Scramble Match

The match starts with two wrestlers and every five minutes a new superstar comes out. When all five wrestlers are in the ring, each time a superstar scores a submission or pinfall, they become the interim champions. This is one type of match that Undertaker did not participate in.

3. The Dumpster match

In a dumpster match, the dumpster is placed outside the ring, and the goal is to put your opponent inside the dumpster and close the lid. The Undertaker has not participated in this type of match before although he has participated in one similar to it called "Casket Match".

4. Iron Man Match

In the Iron Man Match, the wrestler who scores the most the most submissions or pinfalls after the time period is over is the winner. Undertaker has not participated in this kind of match before although he has left his mark on one of them after returning in an Iron Man Match between The Rock and Triple H.

5. Stretcher Match

In a stretcher match, the only way to win is by placing the opponent on a stretcher. He has never participated in a Stretcher Match although he did take part in a "Last Ride" match in 2004, which had a very similar concept.

6. Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match

The fight between JBL and Bigshow is the only match under this category in history. It would have been nice to have Undertaker in this kind of match.

7. The Empty Arena Match

In the Empty Arena Match, the stands are free of fans so the wrestlers are able to move freely throughout. It would have been fun to see Taker in a match like this one.

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