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Footballers Who Battled With Physical Disability While Playing [Photos]

A portion of your #1 footballers truly struggled on the pitch, as they fought with various types of inabilities while they played on the pitch. See beneath: 

1. Robert Schlienz 

Robert Schlienz was a German football player, who was brought into the world on February 3, 1924. He played for clubs like FV Zuffenhausen and VfB Stuttgart. 

In August 1948, he was associated with a frightful fender bender, which brought about his left lower arm being cut away. 

Nonetheless, he didn't leave football and played in the game against Bayern Munich. He passed on June 18, 1995. 

2. Gordon Banks 

Gordon Banks was an English goalkeeper, who was brought into the world on December 30, 1937. He was engaged with a fender bender in October 1972, that left him without a hand. He was 34 years around then, and therefore he left football, however returned five years after the fact. 

3. Edgar Davids 

Edgar Davids is a resigned Dutch footballer, who played for clubs like Ajax, Juventus and Barcelona. He endured glaucoma during his playing days at Ajax and subsequently, he needed to wear goggles for security while playing. 

4. Hector Castro 

Hector Castro was a Uruguayan football player and mentor. While he was just 13 years of age, he had his correct lower arm cut off with am electric saw. 

5. Garrincha 

His complete name was Manuel Francisco Dos Santos, however everyone knows him as Garrincha. He is perhaps the best footballer ever, and some soccer examiner s even position him in front of Pele. 

Garrincha, who was a skilful dribbler, was brought into the world with specific distortions like a slanted spine, twisted knees, and furthermore his privilege and left legs were not of a similar length, with the left being somewhat more limited. 

Yet, motivate of this, Garrincha still demonstrated his value and assisted Brazil with winning two World Cup prizes. 

6. Alejandro Sanchez Lopez 

Lopez, who once in the past played for clubs like Real Zaragoza and Sydney Olympic, presently plays for a club known as Tudelano. He has only one arm, however that has not hindered him from being an expert footballer. 

7. Petr Cech 

The previous Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper engaged in an impact during a match against Reading, which brought about a cracked skull. This, he needed to wear head monitors during matches as a defensive measure.

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