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Checkout The Origin of the Cross of Saint George on Barcelona's logo

Not only is St George the patron saint of England, but he is also a significant figure throughout many regions of Spain. In Catalonia, for example, he shares the same mythology that he does in England.

The story reads that St George is the dragon-slaying moral crusader who, in short, is God’s man on earth.

FC Barcelona opts to have the cross on its crest to tie the club to its heritage which allows a continued connection with its narrative and its supporters.

That said narrative propels the club as a valiant vanquisher of evil and promotes the strong moral force the club believes it is.

In Catalan, St George’s name is slightly different from the variation in Spanish. In Spain, he is known as Jorge, whereas in Catalonia he is known as Jordi.

During the period of Franco's dictatorship, amid worries of a rebellion within the country, mothers were banned from naming their children Jordi.

In 1974, while Franco was still in power, then Barcelona head coach Johan Cruyff proclaimed his love for the club and city by naming his son Jordi. Due to the rules in place by the Spanish dictator, his wife had to fly to the Netherlands to give birth.

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