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Chris Jericho Reveals Original AEW Plans For Gallows And Anderson

Chris Jericho never seizes to surprise and add more to the proceedings, especially with his Saturday Night Specials on Facebook. He was asked to address Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson signing with Impact Wrestling and went into details about their original AEW plans.

Chris Jericho said that Gallows and Anderson were supposed to be in The Inner Circle

Chris Jericho said that he was happy for Gallows and Anderson signing with Impact Wrestling and complimented their recent podcast, which revealed their regrets re-signing with WWE over AEW.

Chris Jericho said:

"The Young Bucks, Kenny (Omega), myself kind of convinced  Tony Khan that they would be excellent in AEW. One of the ideas at one point was to have Gallows and Anderson in The Inner Circle. And let me just say, I love The Inner Circle. I think we really stumbled onto something great. But keep this in mind. I knew Jake Hager but I hadn't seen him or worked with him in years. Never met Santana or Ortiz other than my cruise where we crossed paths briefly and I didn't even know  Sammy Guevara at all."

Jericho pointed out that he didn't know the rest of the group except Hager, but The Inner Circle is now one of the best factions in professional wrestling. Chris Jericho also appreciated that Gallows and Anderson are 'owning the fact' that they made the wrong decision over picking WWE over AEW

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