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5 players with the finest positional ability in football right now

Fabinho (no. 5) (Liverpool)

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He has the ability to anticipate passes and detect harmful movements before they occur. This, along with his quickness, allows him to appear in situations where he may interrupt the flow of the other team's game. That is also why Fabinho performs so well as a single pivot in midfield.

Jan Oblak, No. 4 (Atletico Madrid)

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Oblak's quick reflexes, agility, and ability to make apparently impossible saves have already gained him cult status. However, one of his distinguishing features is his placement. If a goalie sets himself correctly, his work is half done.

N'Golo Kante (#3) (Chelsea)

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Because of his positional awareness, Kante is as effective as he is. He boasts a superb sense of the game and is outstanding at making interceptions. The Chelsea midfielder excels at providing protection for his backline.

Thomas Muller, No. 2 (Bayern Munich)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The German international is essentially a 'wide poacher,' whose primary function is to locate pockets of space in which to operate. He has an excellent sense of the game and uses his anticipation to keep moving into situations where his team may benefit.

Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked first (Manchester United)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

He understands where pockets of space to attack and where he has to go if he is acting as a decoy for a teammate who is in a risky situation. Ronaldo is also one of the game's finest goalscorers right now. That's because he has a greater understanding of placement.

If the goalie parries the ball, he will be the first to respond. Ronaldo is constantly lurking, ready to strike like a snake if the opponent makes a mistake. Aspiring players should study his movement in and around the final third, as well as everywhere else on the field.

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