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Premier League

See throwback pictures of football stars, some will amaze you.

. Our star footballers didn't just grow overnight to become stars. Ensure to click follow button to be notified when next I post. Thanks.

Most of these guys have been gifted from childhood. A lot of them just had passion for football since childhood. Star players like Ronaldo and Messi were once poor, but their rise to stardom changed their lives forever.

I'll start with Wayne Rooney.

We all know Wayne Rooney, former English captain, and Manchester United star, he's a coach now.. Not much has changed in his look since then. The next person on the list is Neymar Jr.

. It seems he wasn't too handsome from childhood, unlike now. His face is slightly the same but not the fancy hairstyles.

Have you ever wondered how Bale looked like when he was a kid? Ugly you may think, but he looked okay to me. The resemblance is there, he looks shy don't you think so?..

Messi has always been shy and small, since childhood. It is no longer news that he had growth deficiency, see his childhood pictures.. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one player that you need to read his biography, his aggressive behaviour on and off the field is something you don't want to see, but his childhood pictures show him as a nice kid.. The last but not least is Ronaldo, this footballer is famous for his hardwork, and his devotion towards football.

His childhood was sad, but he's arguably the most successful player of all time, see his pictures.. click follow button for more. What do you think?

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