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Tom Cruise Rips Into ‘Mission Impossible’ Crew For Breaking COVID Rules

Because the staff did not abide by the rules of epidemic prevention, Tom Cruise went "crazy" on the set and said: "once again, you guys will get out".

According to a report on December 15, a video of Tom Cruise on the set of "Mission Impossible 7" blaming the staff for violating the epidemic prevention and control agreement was exposed.

Tom Cruise

According to a British report, Tom Cruise was watching the "Mission Impossible 7" set, and the two staff did not maintain social distance. They stood close to the computer and accused each other loudly, "If I watch again once you arrive, you will leave immediately."

Tom Cruise said that many people return to Hollywood because of us. They believe in the work we are doing and we are creating thousands of jobs. I call the insurance company, the producer, and the film company every night to confirm the progress of our work.

It was reported that before "Mission Impossible 7" was suspended due to the epidemic, Tom Cruise has always emphasized that the crew must strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control agreement to avoid further suspension.

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