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"Delete this please"- Reactions as man puts Barca Jersey on son, shares cute family photos in Jersey

Barca family photos

A fan who I think is not a Barca's but a Chelsea's fan reacted to a family photo wearing Barca Jersey this way:

"I love everything about your family, but that Barca thing ? Please take that shirt off that cute baby and replace it with blue"

There are many interesting and funny reactions you are going to see in this article. A viral family photo wearing Barca's jersey has generated a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter. The photo which contains a man, his wife and a little son is said to be one of the most cutest pictures ever shared on the app.

See the Barca family fans in photos with Barca Jersey on:

However, ever since the photos surfaced online, most of the fans of other clubs having been kicking against the idea of the man for putting Barca Jersey on the little son! They claimed that the innocent baby is being forced to wear a jersey of a club he probably does not like! Isn't funny though?

They further blamed the man for choosing Barca for the son and why he didn't chose Arsenal or Real Madrid club as he would probably prefer one of the clubs aside Barca club in the future!

However, life is all about two sides of a coin, Barca fans are so happy with the family photos and for putting jersey on the little son. Barca fans are praising the man for his undying support and boldness to portray the family as true and ardent fans of the club.

Below are mixed reactions to the family photo for wearing Barca Jersey:

What is your own reaction to this Barca family photos...

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