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If You Can Answer These 10 Questions About Manchester United Club, Then You Are A True Fan

Where are the true fan of the Manchester United football club? Make some noise and get ready to answer these 10 questions to defend yourself. For true and loyal fans only.

Here are the 10 ten questions about Manchester United football club that a true fan can answer

1. Who is the current manager of the Manchester United football club?

2. Which player is know as the king to Manchester United fan?

3. Who scored the winning goals for Manchester United in their 2-1 champion league final victory in 1999?

4. Who holds the distinction for the long-serving captain in Manchester United football club?

5. Manchester United football club broke their record transfer fee in 2016 when they paid £89.5 million for which player?

6. Which player holds the record for the most goal scored?

7. In what year was Old Trafford built?

8. What is the capacity of the Old Trafford ( as of 2020)?

9. Old Trafford is situated in what road?

10. Manchester United club played at which two grounds before moving to Old Trafford?

How many can you answer correctly without checking your internet?

Comment your answers below, share to your friends to know the true fans of the Manchester United football club. Follow me up for more.

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