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Ranked: Top Five Worst Ever English Premier League Football Kits In History. (Pictures Below)

They say that fashion is a circle and that trends will always continue to repeat themselves, with what was popular in say the '70s, becoming stylish again today. And that's true when it comes to Premier League kits too with the latest designs of many club taking inspiration from those of the past.But not all fashion repeats itself and - you'd hope - we never see the likes of these listed in the Too five worst Premier League kits ever, below, again.

5. Liverpool – third away kit (2013/14)

The only one of modern Premier League era to make this list was Liverpool’s monstrosity in 2013/14.The top had a black base, with large chunks of purple and white. It was inspired by a previous design from 1995/96.

4. Tottenham Hotspur Away 1991-93

Spurs make their first and only appearance here, though their dull and depressing brown kit from 2006-07 almost made the list.Instead, we've gone for another Umbro design with a jersey that made be sure to remind both the players and opposition fans which team was the owner of this kit.If the crest, sponsor or colour didn't make it obvious, then surely the unforgivable and badly etched ''SPURS'' would. It's bargain-bin tacky at its best, and as with most of the jerseys on the list, it came from the fine people at Umbro in the 1990s. Note to self: Try to find out if one person was responsible for all these designs and get him/her a spot on Joan Rivers' Fashion Police show.

3. Chelsea Away Kit 1996/97

Having banana pinstripes on your kit is worthy enough of being in the ugly kits hall of fame.

But when you add in an unnecessary two-tone blue kit that clashes with the aforementioned yellow in the most despicable way possible, then you've got something that only Stephen King could dream up.

2. Nottingham Forest, 1995-97 (away)

A toddler’s crayon rampage, a dropped pie, an old man’s knee, a malfunctioning bile duct, a crashed magician’s van leading to several fatalities – all spring to mind while gazing upon this vileness, a stoned sixth form design project that should have been strangled at birth. Extraordinary.

Wolverhampton Wanderers: 2016/17 away kit

Meh. Wolves' orange and black pallet gives them a huge advantage in terms of kit design; this just happens to be the worst of a pretty solid bunch. Who thought this shade of green was nice?

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