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Why Man United needs a dynamic playmaker to support Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes has undoubtedly been a vital player for Manchester United since his arrival in January 2020. His impressive performances and influential impact on the team have been a major factor in United's recent success. However, there have also been times when his game has faltered. The reasons behind this decline in performance can be attributed to a lack of alternatives leading to Fernandes being overused.

The importance of Fernandes to Manchester United's squad cannot be overstated. He has been a constant source of creativity, scoring goals, and providing assists at a consistent rate. However, such consistent output requires a lot of energy and can lead to burnout, especially when there is a lack of alternative options. Fernandes' worst performances tend to come when he has been overplayed, leading to fatigue and reduced productivity on the pitch.

Currently, Donny van de Beek, United's second-choice playmaker, has not been up to scratch. His inability to replicate Fernandes' impact has left the team without a suitable alternative to share the workload with the Portugal international. Therefore, United needs to find a young, dynamic playmaker who can step up and compete with Fernandes for his place in the team. This competition will not only help raise Fernandes' game, but it will also prevent him from being run into the ground.

Competition for places is a key factor in any successful team. It drives players to perform at their best and ensures that no one takes their position for granted. Introducing competition for Fernandes will push him to maintain his high level of performance consistently. It will also prevent him from becoming complacent and encourage him to improve his game even further.

Moreover, a fresh and dynamic playmaker in the squad will provide United with more options and flexibility in their attacking play. Opposing teams will have to deal with multiple threats from United, and this will create more opportunities for Fernandes to operate in space and make his trademark forward passes.

Bruno Fernandes' contribution to Manchester United's success cannot be overstated. However, his overuse has been detrimental to his performance on occasions, highlighting the need for alternatives. Finding a young, dynamic playmaker to compete for Fernandes' place will not only raise his game but also benefit the team as a whole by providing more attacking options. Ultimately, this will help United maintain their recent form and push for further success.

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