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A Story That Changed My World (This Race Called Life)


Once upon a time , there was a young athletic boy , hungry and desirous for success , for whom winning was everything and success was measured just by winning .

One day , the boy was preparing himself for a running competition in His small village , himself and other young competitors , and a large crowd usually gather to witness the sporting spectacle including an old wise man .

The race commenced , looking like a level heat at the finishing line , but sure enough the boy dug deep and called on his determination , strength and power , he took the winning line and was first , the crowd was ecstatic and cheered and waved at the little boy, but the wise man remained still and calm expressing no sentiment , the boy was proud and felt important .

Again and again and again the boy continue to win all his competitors, he felt so much proud and felt important like no one is like him , and also the wise man kept still and calm watching the boy as he progress.

Suddenly the wise man fixed a race between him and "elderly frail lady and a blind man". , he was amazed , the race kick , before his two competitor could stand to run he has reach the final line , nobody cheered for looking those two deformed competitors struggling to run. The wise man met the boy and told him," RACE AGAIN AND THIS TIME FINISH TOGETHER ".

The little start again , stood in the middle of the blind man and the frail old lady , and then took the two challengers by the hand , the race begin and the little boy walked slowly and slowly to the finish line and crossed , everybody rise and cheered for them like ever before , the boy saw the real beauty of life and fulfillment.

You see in life , in your life , what are you running for ?, are you hungry for success?, is winning the measurement of your success ?, who are you running against ?, and if you always win, the people will one day stop cheering for you .see at the end of your life if you look back , the question is who is running nest to you ? If they are weak and old , did you help them cross the line?.

Remember this , your success is what you get, but your fulfillment is what you give.

if you benefit any thing from my story , pls kindle comment , share and like , so that others will learn fro this and make a change .Thank you for reading .

Content created and supplied by: Blessedchuks0 (via Opera News )

Race Called Life


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