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Top 10 Players With The Highest Number Of Goals Recorded In Premier League History.

The Premier League is arguably one of the best leagues in Europe today, and whenever great teams are named, it will certainly include clubs in the league, and this will mean that the league has amazing clubs. The Premier League has had different players over the years, and some of these players have either left the league, retired or still very much active in the league.

Worthy of note, we all know that goalscoring is vital as much as football is concerned, and as it is known, there's always a record for each goal a player scores, hence, this is why players are rated based on the number of goals recorded, and at the end of the day, the highest Goal scorer is rewarded.

Hence, in Premier League history, there are players who have created the record of the highest scorer ever, but more than that, we have players who fall among the top players with the highest number of goals recorded in the league. Thus, we will be seeing the all-time top 10 players with the highest number of goals recorded.

Note that the records of these players will be the one they recorded when they played in the league, and not outside the league. In fact, majority of these players spent (or still spending) the majority of their careers in the league, hence, they have been able to create amazing records.

We all know that the Premier League is definitely an English League and most of the players are from England, but not totally dominated by English people. However, when checking the top 10 scorers, 8 of them are from England, while the remaining 2 players are from other countries. This will therefore mean that England players have shown their amazing abilities, and thus, reigning in their territory.

See the names of the players below:

1. A. Shearer - 260 goals

2. Wayne Rooney - 208 goals

3. A. Cole - 187 goals

4. Sergio Aguero - 181 goals

5. Frank Lampard - 177 goals

6. Thierry Henry - 175 goals

7. Harry Kane - 164 goals

8. R. Fowler - 163 goals

9. J. Defoe - 162 goals

10. Michael Owen - 150 goals

Check the picture below to see a better representation of the fact:

You can see that majority of these players are old players, and thus, it means their records in the league are still "legendary."

What do you think?

Which of these players has been the best players of all-time in the Premier League? Which of them has the best performance and ability when it comes to goal scoring?

Let us hear you.

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