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Premier League

History Proves that Arsenal Will win the League title Next Season.

Arsenal Football Club haven't won the league since the 2003 Campaign where they set a record which is yet to be broken. They won the Premier League Trophy going unbeaten for the Whole season, and that made them to be the Only team to be awarded a Golden Premier League.

After then it seems like the Perfection of that Season was to affect them for decades, as they haven't won the league since putting out such terrific Season performance. Many would have expected them to be favorites in the 2004, 05, 06 and so on Campaign because of our phenomenal theh were then . They even Reached the Champions league final in 2006 before now loosing to Barcelona 2_1 depicting and exhibiting how terrific Arsenal was those period.

The Gunners begin to dwindle form in the early 2010s as Top 4 fourth position exactly was their major achievment for a Season, from 2016s their form dwindled the more as Top was now a major Challenge for the Gunners, and they were likely Europa league place contenders. 2 years later, Veteran Manager Arsene Wenger who have been with Arsenal for many years and was the one who won the 2003 premier league title as manager for the Gunners left in 2018.

Everyone expected a new Manager, a new Dawn, a New Era in the Arsenal Team, but opposite was the case as Arsenal became worse under Unai Emery and things went from bad to Worse, before they employed old player Mikel Arteta in the Middle of this Season. In all this period between 2004_2020 Arsenal struggled and Couldn't win the league title for all those period, giving opponents and rivals a good chance to banter them.

All that could stop soon, as History proves that Arsenal will be winning the league Next Season. After Surfing the Internet i found out this mouth watering Historical facts about the Gunners that proves they will win the league next Season. Here it goes,

1.The Last time Leeds united were in the Premier League, thats in 2003, Arsenal Won the League Title, now again this season Leeds United have won the Championship meaning they will be playing in the League next season.

2. The Last time Liverpool won the League Title that was in the 19s. Arsenal won the League the following season after Liverpool won it. Liverpool have won the league this Season, are you thinking what i am thinking? Arsenal could likely be next if history plays out

On diffrent Occassion we have seen History work and repeat it self, Arsenal fans will hope it happens again.


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