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Reasons We Have Not Heard About Any Powerful Clique In The Super Eagles Lately

Hardly will you not find some forces, caucuses or cliques in every gathering or establishment in our day to day living. It was after the Super Eagles of Nigeria won their 2nd Cup of Nations in 1994, that we truly got used to the Word MAFIA in the Super Eagles Squad.

The Pride that comes with success is huge but only the disciplined and well raised individual can be able to contend with the glamour and aggressive confidence it entails. The success of being an African Champion and adding an Olympic Gold Medal in space of 2 years could be intoxicating as some of the Super Eagles Player lost focus of why they were invited and known as National Team Players.

Few of Nigeria's Heroes at Tunisia '94 and Atlanta '96 later became Big and integral part of the Super Eagles, who turned out to be powerful and decisive in matters that were meant for only the Coaches and or Football Administrators handling Eagles affairs. After Westerhof and Jo' Bonfere's tenure lapsed as the Eagles Gaffer, some Players of the Super Eagles have already grown powerful wings to the extent of dictating who to play and not to play among other younger Players to their Coaches, especially those who are just getting national call ups or those that are not regular in the squad. Unfortunately, there were guys who were telling the Coaches what to and what not to do, based on different factors.

As reported by many Media platforms, there was unrest in the Camp of the Super Eagles of Nigeria during the qualifier, for the FIFA World Cup in France '98. The build up or survival of Cliques of powerful Players was possible because Nigerian Players abroad, Playing top flight Leagues were minimal and few in number, thereby giving Coaches very few options to do away with some Egocentric Players. The situation is now balanced because Nigerian Players are everywhere now in the World, doing Football businesses, providing options to the Eagle's Coach, aiding some ethical standards in the Super Eagles cycle.

According to, Rashidi Yekini was captured throwing Dissent against Coach Clemence Westerhof, after Nigeria lost to Italy in the 1994 World Cup in USA, confirming that there are some Players who like to be part of decision making, expected to be taken by the Head Coach. Just before Mikel Obi retired from the National Team, he was pictured telling the coach not to bring on the field of play as substitute, a particular Player which it was believed, he never wanted to pair in the Midfield. More worse directives and orders have been given in the past by the so-called Big Boys in the Team to the Coach, causing division in the dressing room.

In recent times, former Club Legends and ex Internationals are now very conscious of their attitude and characters based on the Polity of coming back to take up the same job they want to criticize. Till date, there are still conflicting stories telling why Segun Odegbami will not be supported with his bid to manage the NFF and some will even say that seeing Austin Okocha in the Glass House as an administrator won't be possible as long as some persons are still in office. When you trace the reasons behind these words, you will be moved with the stories behind them. When you read or hear what transpired between them as a Player to the Coach or to a particular Administrator, you just want to rest your case. Super Eagles members are now very conscious of this political aspect of their jobs, so as not to fizzle their chances out when the opportunity finally comes for them to fill positions of authority in Football administration in the Nigeria.

Even though, I refused to mention names and previous cases that almost killed the fun Nigerians enjoyed watching and supporting the super Eagles, many will agree with me that sanity has returned to the Eagles and Competitions among Players in keeping their positions has shunned the time to hold unnecessary Power among senior Players. With more Nigerians springing up in Europe and America yearly as top notch Players, Competition will be encouraged and Coach will have less problems with his Players.

Share your thoughts on any story you remember of the big boys in the Eagles. How you feel it affected other Players. Follow for more stories.

Content created and supplied by: Tosyyn (via Opera News )

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