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5 WWE SmackDown And RAW Stars Almost Guaranteed To Go Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

To say that the WWE SmackDown and RAW locker rooms comprise some of the most talented men and women in the history of the company is not hyperbole. And in time, they shall pave the path for the next generation of WWE SmackDown and RAW stars, when they step into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In fact, if you look at the current WWE SmackDown and RAW rosters, it is pretty easy to pick a whole bunch of names that would qualify for this esteemed feat. We've identified 7 individuals that are surefire entries into this esteemed body of top WWE Superstars, and we welcome you to name more men and women who would follow.

1 Current WWE SmackDown megastar Rey Mysterio is almost guaranteed to enter the WWE Hall of Fame someday soon

Seth Rollins caught up with Sportskeeda to talk about his fellow WWE SmackDown colleague, Rey Mysterio, in a recent interview. And yes, he actually broke character to heap praise on the WWE SmackDown star. This is what Seth Rollins had to say about Rey Mysterio

"I mean he’s just defied the odds his entire career. For someone of his stature to have made as many waves in WWE, there’s nobody even close. It’s not even close. He’s unparalleled. He’s genuinely one of a kind. There are a bunch of guys, Seth Rollins sized, that you can look back on that have done my style and done my thing and made a success here in WWE. There is literally one person. Literally one person has done it the way that Rey Mysterio has done it."

There is no better testimonial for why Rey Mysterio deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. It's just a question of when, and not 'if'.

2 We all know that Jeff Hardy from WWE RAW will go into the WWE Hall of Fame

The WWE RAW roster is so very loaded right now that Jeff Hardy is just one of the many Superstars mixing it up in the brand. At this point in time, he is working with Elias in a heated feud, but honestly, Jeff Hardy wrestles like he's 24 even now, and has a lot to give to the business by working with the younger talent in the WWE RAW roster, all of whom can benefit from his wisdom and expertise.

Yes, everything he has accomplished in the tag team division with his brother and also everything he's achieved as a singles star are both collectively enough to earn him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame someday.

However, what is overlooked often is that the modern style of wrestling that we see on the RAW and WWE SmackDown rosters owe a debt of gratitude to the Hardy Boyz for the titanic matches that they had with Edge & Christian and The Dudleyz.

3 the WWE Hall of Fame 

  • Several current WWE SmackDown and RAW Superstars could join the coveted list
  • These men and woman are almost certain to go into the WWE Hall of Fame someday

4 Randy Orton is virtually guaranteed to be in the WWE Hall of Fame someday soon

When Sportskeeda caught up with Randy Orton, he said that he wants to keep wrestling for ten more years. His sheer longevity in the business, wrestling as a top guy for the last two decades, and the fact that he continues to wrestle at such a high level even now pretty much guarantee him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame soon. Who may induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame is a tougher question to answer than whether or not he will be inducted.

Randy Orton should be fired with out pay.and not be able to wrestle again for WWE RAW or SmackDown. WWE RAW - 5 Reasons why Randy Orton turned on his mentor Ric Flair before SummerSlam 2020 via  @SKProWrestling
— Becky S wells (@BeckySwells1)  August 11, 2020

This is what the future WWE Hall of Famer told Sportskeeda Wrestling:

"I’ve been doing this twenty years and I’ll do this another decade. I just turned 40 and my plan would be to keep going till my 50th birthday." 

There are many in the WWE Hall of Fame who have been inducted for far fewer accomplishments than the legendary Randy Orton. While he may specialize in killing legends, unbeknownst to him, he's become one himself.

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