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Opinion: Why Liverpool will find it Hard to win the Premier League title this season

Liverpool sent a strong message to the rest of the English Premier League after their thrilling 2-2 tie with Manchester City. Because of these and other factors, despite their strong start, they may fall just short of the championship this year. 

1. They lack squad depth

This is a challenge that Liverpool is now dealing with. This was demonstrated in their most recent game, in which they were without a right-back to fill Trent's void. The first goal was lost because of the inexperience of Milner in that situation, who lacked the necessary defending skills. Injury setbacks are expected throughout the course of a season, and if Liverpool isn't adequately prepared, they may be left off the list of title contenders. 

2. They lack bench strength

Liverpool has been lacking in the strength that substitutes bring to the team this season. While Klopp's opponents can pick from a better bench of quality players, Klopp is restricted in his options. He doesn't have the talent on the bench to make an impact, and that could cost him the league title. 

3. They are predictable

Liverpool is one of the most predictable teams in the Premier League this season. Their starting eleven can be predicted with ease, making it simple to foresee their demise. 

4. They rely on individual brilliance

If you've been following Liverpool closely this season, you've probably noticed that the Reds' success is mostly down to the individual brilliance of its players rather than cohesive team play. This can cost them if one of the players goes out of form and this can also eliminate them from the list of top title contenders this season.

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