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CHE vs BRE: How Brentford Are Outsmarting English Clubs After Closing Down Their Academy In 2016

It is completely impossible for a small club to compete against a big club in terms of signing the best players in the world. This means the small clubs have to rely on average players while the bigger clubs spend their millions of top quality players.

Because of this, one would think that when the small clubs have an academy that produces world class talents, they would get to benefit from those players and compete against the big clubs. But that is not the case.

Small clubs who have great academies and produce world class players tend to always lose their brightest prospects to the so called bigger clubs.

This makes it a lot more difficult for them to compete with the big clubs. Because they can't register these youngsters before the age of 16, they are at an disadvantage when a big club shows interest and want to have their best academy players.

This is one of the problems that Brentford faced that made them to close down their academy in 2016, becoming the first major English club to do so. For them, being a London club put them at a disadvantage because the best kids of London wants to go to Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, or Westham United.

So when Matthew Benham, a lifetime fan who made his millions through professional gambling and then a betting company, where he learned the power of numbers to beat human gut instinct bought the club in 2012, he decided to employ a different way of doing things, a smarter way but a huge gamble.

Brentford closed down their academy which was literally useless to their development and created a B-team instead. This received heavy criticism but they stood by their decision. The B-team is to consist of players within the age group of 16, 17 and upwards. Players who had been rejected by their academies.

All of a sudden, Brentford's location as a London club became an advantage for them. It put them at best position to receive the players that had been rejected by academies of big clubs.

Knowing how difficult it is for academy players to make it into the first team of these big clubs that spend millions of pounds every transfer window, when they release an academy player to go, these players were welcomed to join Brentford's B-side.

The beautiful thing about this unusual method of developing players is that, the B-side and the first team are always around each other. Training in the gym and sometimes even training together.

This helps the B-side players to know what it is they need to know to be able to make it as a first team player. Also, it has helped Brentford to make huge profits from the sale of their B-side team.

It is safe to say Brentford made a gamble and it has turned out to be a huge success. Today their B-side have undervalued players from countries like Iceland, Greece, and with the big club's rejects, they have helped the entire club to develop.

For David to beat Goliath, he needed to use a different weapon. If David had used the same weapon, he would have lost the battle. To compete with the best, you have got to find your weapons and that is exactly what Brentford have done.

It is no surprise that Brentford are currently thriving in the English Premier League after qualifying for the first time since 1947.

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