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FIFA World Cup

Match Fixing: One of The Problem Confronting Sports Industry Now And A Challenge Before FIFA

The year 2020 come with a big shocked to sports lovers all over the world, no body have ever dreamed that there will be a single day without any sporting activity most especially soccer. 

But little did we know that there will be covid-19 that place the entire humanity under lockdown.

Sporting activities was shutdown completely and lovers of soccer became unhappy.

The resumption of soccer activities after the disrupted by the pandemic was received with huge relief to lovers of soccer but that was not without this unusual, playing in a big stadium without supporters cheering the teams up, it was empty without fans.

There this popular saying that "half bread is better than none" so the soccer lovers has to come terms and accepted to watched while at home not even in stadium or viewing Centres but this time around at their individuals homes with their families.

Normally, there are numbers of things that made people to be in tune with soccer, is either because of love for the team or particular player or skills displays when ever in the field playing. 

But nowadays the majority of sport lovers most especially soccer are for the money they win from the numerous numbers of betting companies around the world after every match.

But this was not been so since from the resumption of soccer activities from German Bundesliga that resumed on 16th May, 2020 and English Premier League on 17th June, 2020 

Many who believe that at less something will be added to their income but instead and surprisingly this ugly monster appear to be a clock on the wheel of progress, most of the strong teams you know before now started losing out to much weaker teams as a result match fixing.

Here come again this online companies started pop up with their usual sure prediction to sure matches and to fix matches if you pay for subscription with money, you will get the already prepared code.

The whole thing now that is more glaring is matches are fixed not really play. The uncertainty now cover the minds of people who bet, for is no longer the team strength but what will be the outcome of the match.

So many has lost their hard earn money to this trend. 

One may not be wrong to say, may be the clubs and the betting companies has experienced and their are still recoding losses as a result of covid-19 and so they have come up with numbers of strategies which part it is fixing the matches to generate money for both the clubs, betting companies and their Agents at the detriment of soccer lovers. 

Many have turn to betting live matches which is now more reliable than the normal soccer. 

People who are technical in their predictions are also among the losers for some of the matches that the outcome supposed to be GG or over 2.5 are now ending up 1 goal and 2 goals respectively.

 The issue now is that, if this ugly situation is not urgently check and put a stop. The economic hardship presently experience will be double and the lovers of a particular clubs or team will become enemies or haters. 

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