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2 Players Ole Can Replace Fred And Maguire With To Improve His Midfield and Defense

A good number of football pundits are currently of the opinion that Ole Gunnar Solskjær might be under fire at Manchester United owing to the poor performance of his team in recent games. In all honesty, Ole needs to reshuffle his first team by substituting players like Harry Maguire and Fred with better players to improve his midfield and defensive lineup which is key to improving the performance of his team.

Fred and Maguire are not really poor players, they just don't have the kind of quality and consistency to man those two important departments in the team. There are far more better players like Donny Vandabeek and Victor Lindelof that can play those two positions better.

Maguire's performance in recent games has really been floppy. He could barely keep any attacking player/forward in check. Each time the frontline of the opposition attacks, they almost always beat him.

He rarely makes any cogent tackles besides fouling a player. He is a good player, but Victor lindelof will be a better choice because he is stronger, faster, more passionate, more clinical and wins more tackles than maguire.

Besides, Lindelof will make a perfect combo with Raphael varane who in my opinion is Manchester United's best defender currently. If Ole can effect this combo, Manchester United's defensive lineup will become a formidable one and they will concede less goals.

For the midfield, Donny vandabeek should replace Fred who has consistently failed in keeping up with the only task he has been given in the team which is to win tackles and stop advances through the midfield.

Van da beek is sharp, can help push attacks, give smart and intelligent passes, and most of all win tackles. This was exactly what he was doing for his former club, Ajax before signing for Manchester United.

It is time for Ole to stop keeping Donny on the bench and start using him because from my point of view, Fred and Maguire are the two main culprits for all of Manchester United's poor performance so far.

Replacing them with the above named players is the only way to boost his teams performance and result.

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