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Premier League

Here are the best 5 midfielders in the history of Premier League, Scholes is 2nd, see others

England's top five midfielder, Gerrard, has an overall view of Carrick’s physical fitness

There are many outstanding midfielders in the history of English football. Their skills are outstanding and they have won a lot of team honors and personal honors. Then let us take a closer look at who are the five major midfielders in England!

1. Gerrard

One of the most popular top ten football stars, Gerrard is a very comprehensive midfielder, especially the defensive counterattack is particularly strong, excellent explosive and foot skills, so that Gerrard is difficult to intercept, at the same time Germany has an excellent overall view and can organize teams in series. Although Gerrard has not won many championships, Gerrard's ability is beyond doubt.

2. Scholes

Scholes is a member of the golden generation of Manchester United club. Although Scholes is a very low-key player, in the midfield position, Scholes is a well-deserved star. During the leadership of Ferguson, Scholes It is more like a fish in water, winning many championship trophies for the club.

3. Lampard

Lampard can be said to be one of the iconic figures of the Premier League. Lampard is a well-deserved captain in the Chelsea team. You must know that Lampard is a defensive midfielder, so Lampard’s The help is very great, so even if Lampard is about to retire, he is also an indispensable member of the team.

4. Hargreaves

Hargreaves’ excellent skills at the feet are amazing. At the same time, Hargreaves has very good physical fitness, so the defense is also very active. And Hargreaves fights well, so it is more like a fish in the midfield and makes Hargreaves. Foss became one of England's top five midfield stars.

5. Carrick

Although Carrick’s reputation is not so great, Carrick’s ability is beyond doubt. Carrick has excellent physical fitness and is a very comprehensive midfielder who organizes the team and participates in the team’s offense and defense. Therefore, there is Carrick in any position on the court. As a British player, Carrick is also a very important player even in the national team.

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