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Goal celebrations that might get you punished in football as a player

Here they are:

On the 15th of September, 2012, Hannover club star, Subbox Huszti scored a goal in the last minute of the extra time. The goal was not only spectacular but it was also the winning goal for the team.

Subbox while celebrating his goal took off his shirt and later ran to the fence that shields the stands from the field. He got a yellow card for removing his shirt and a red card for jumping on the fence. According to the referee, he celebrated with too much passion.

Also, a Greek footballer known as Giorgos Katidis made an unusual gesture to celebrate a goal in a match which took place on the 16th of March, 2013. He ran towards the fans stand and put up his right as shown in the picture (the Nazi salute). Although, the referee did not punish him for this but the Football Authority reacted much more later. He was condemned for making such gesture and banned for life from the Greeks' National Football.

The player stated afterwards that he did not know the meaning of the gesture and that he meant no harm but that did not reverse the authority's decision. Although, he still plays professional football but not on the National level.

Silvano Comvalius on the 27th of September, 2014 in a match of the third tier of the German league took off his shirt to celebrate a goal and also jumped to the fence to celebrate with the fans. He got a yellow card for removing his shirt and a red for jumping over the fence.

A player of the third Swedish division thought in himself that the fans had not celebrated his goal well enough. So, he ran to the stands, sat on a seat and jokingly kept on applauding himself.

The joke did not go well with the referee who booked him a second yellow card which is automatically a red card.

Uruguayan player, Eddison Cavani made a shooting gesture at the opponent's goalkeeper and for that he got a yellow card. As he was trying to discuss the yellow card with the referee, he got a red card.

Taking off your shorts as a player might not end well. This was learnt from the story of Mario Gjurovski who took off his pants and put it on his head and danced to celebrate his goal. The Macedonian midfielder was booked for a second yellow card and was sent off the pitch.

Fidel Martinez made a shooting gesture towards his teammates after scoring a goal. However, the goal celebration did not go well with the referee and he showed him a red card. Although, the players seem not bothered as they continued to dance I'm celebration of the goal.

On the 17th of June, 2004, in a game between Boca Juniors and River Plate, Argentine striker, Carlos Tevez was excited about his goal and he performed what was known as the 'Chicken dance'. The surfacing truth at the time was that Boca Junior fans has been referring to the rival team fans as 'Chickens' and on this note, the dance seem offensive. So, he got a red card and was sent off the pitch.

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