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Nigerian Wrestler Suffers Defeat to WWE Legend and Blind Partner

Nigerian wrestler on the Impact Wrestling roster Moose was beaten to his mind game following ahead of his big fight against World Wrestling Entertainment Icon Tommy Dreamer.

After failing to comply by the spirit of sportsmanship in his last title defense when he defeated Crazzy Steve for his self-glorified TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Quinn Ojinnaka didn't stop his brutality against the helpless Crazzy Steve who is legally blind while ECW original Tommy Dreamer came out of the backstage to salvage the situation that was truly getting out of hands but the Nigerian didn't leave the ring without touching Dreamer.

However, things have continued to escalate between Dreamer and Moose as the pair will face off for Moose’s TNA Championship at Slammiversary.

Before then, we get a taste of what’s to come as they square off in a tag team match with Dreamer and Steve on one side, and Moose and a mystery partner on the other.

Throughout the night, Moose was looking for a partner as everyone he asked were either busy or refused. Following accidentally igniting a war between Rhino and Hernandez, he approached Rahit Raju.

Raju took offense to being the last one he asked and Moose acting like he should feel appreciative. Of course, Raju grudgingly agreed, giving Moose pause for concern at his odds at winning.

Before Dreamer challenges Moose for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship this Saturday at Slammiversary, they meet in tag team action.

Moose sends Steve flying across the ring with a Fallaway Slam. Moose charges into the corner but Steve sidesteps him.

Steve and Dreamer double team the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Dreamer dropkicks Steve into a crossbody to Moose.

Moose and Dreamer brawl outside the ring as Dreamer sends him into the steel ring post. Steve hits Rohit with a top rope DDT to win against both Moose and Radu.

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