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GOATs: See The 2 Things Messi Hasn't Been Able To Do Since Ronaldo Left Real Madrid

Everyone who's acquainted with football knows that both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are known to be the Greatest Players Of All Time (GOAT) and as such, they are known to be rivals. Having to play together in La Liga, the 2 players always strive together to achieve the same record, and more often than not, their games are always competitive, owing to the fact that they have great abilities and they move towards achieving the same goals. Currently, the 2 of them are the leading players in the history of La Liga, such that majority of their career records haven't been achieved by any other player, both retired and active players.

However, ever since Ronaldo left Real Madrid, and La Liga as a whole, things haven't been the same with the 2 teams again, as there's now lesser competition, and more than that, Messi doesn't have a worthy opponent to compete with like Ronaldo. The point is, in the matches they play, they always strive to score one or more goals in order to be among the highest Goalscorers, but since Ronaldo left, Messi has always been on top of the list without any competitor.

Known with Real Madrid and Barcelona, the El Classico matches held have been a competitive one, especially when Ronaldo was still in Real Madrid. However, after Ronaldo left, there are 2 things Messi has not been able to do/achieve.

When Ronaldo was in Real Madrid, Messi played a total number of 32 El Classico matches, scored 20 goals, and recorded 11 assists; but after Ronaldo left, he has played a total number of 6 El Classico matches, including the recently concluded one (last night), and hasn't recorded any goal or any assist. This means that the 2 things Messi has not been able to do since the departure of Ronaldo is that he hasn't been able to:

• score any goal in El Classico

• record any assist in El Classico

What do you think might be the cause? Is Messi getting older, or he isn't motivated like when Ronaldo was there?

Share your thoughts and opinions.

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