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AishaBuhariCup: Four Take Away From Super Falcons Defeat

Finals of the African female national teams invitational tournament tagged the "AishaBuhariCup" came to a colourful end today in Lagos.

The Super Falcons scaled through the preliminary stage of the competition to set up a finals between the Nigeria Women National team against the South Africa Women National team.

The "Bayana Bayana" shocked the host country infront of the wife to the president of Nigeria and other football stakeholders of the country as they clinch the trophy of the Invitational tournament.

Regardless the galaxy of stars been paraded by the Super Falcons, the host Nation were tipped the favourites to win the competition but the reverse was the case. Here are the take aways from the Surprising defeat of the Super Falcons.

1. Super Falcons Squad of Individual Players.

The Super Falcons had the game at their mercy to wrap it up but much of Individual plays by the players denied the team victory.

The Super Falcons failed to be compact in play, their was no cohesion from the team defence to the midfield and attack.

The teams play showed more of Individual brilliance against 'Team Work, a deficit the Bayana Bayana girls capitalized to punish them.

2. Purposeful Driven Bayana Bayana Team.

The South Africa ladies showed hunger more than it's opponents and the mentality gave the Bayana Bayana team edge ahead of the stars studded Super Falcons team.

The South Africans came with a game plan which aided them in their big victory and the were more clinical enough infront of goals.

The team had four shots on target and all the four counted.

3. No Undergoes In African Football Again.

The Victory over the Nigeria female national team by the South Africa Women National team has further proved that the narrative of 'Underdogs' in Africa Women football is gradually changing.

One Major reasons the Falcons felled to the South Africans were owing to a glaring fact they underrated the 'Bayana Bayana.

One obviously would tip the Falcons to clinch the trophy following the galaxy of stars paraded by the team as well as the team pedigree but they got stinged by the South Africans.

4. Wake-Up Call To The Super Falcons

The disappointing and heart wrenching defeat will definitely serve as a wake up call to the Super Falcons team.

The Super Falcons over past decades has been dominanting African women football, a feat which has gone into their heads as they always underrates any opponents.

The team defeat today in the finals of the Invitational tournament is a Wake-Up call to the team to brace up and get ready for challenges on the continent as the era of 'Underdogs' is gradually fading off in African football.

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