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"I Can't Kill Myself; Life No Balance": See Reasons Why This Famous Statement Is True (Opinion)

"I can't kill myself" is a phrase derived from a Nigerian musician, who is officially known as Timaya. In one of his songs, the artist used his musical creativity to produce a track that has inspired so many young Nigerians, and has also further instilled hope to an average citizen (in my opinion).

Nowadays, people use the phrase with ridicule, which has made it a renowned phrase used by many around the country. "This life, I can't kill myself" and "This life no balance" have been used interchangeably ad simultaneously, because they both denote the same purpose.

The significant of this phrase is that it explains that in life, it is rational to be contented, live humbly, appreciate God for life, and also be thankful even as you work harder for more. Do not overstretch yourself, do not overwork yourself, live life slowly with your little resources, for everything in life is literally vanity. We humans are all going through one problem or the other, everyone has their own different wants and needs; what you may be struggling to have, is what another person is abusing and undermining. Thus, this is why we say that this "life no balance at all". So, in summary, we all have to be contented and be happy with the little we have.

Hence, if you have Timaya's music, play it with your speakers, if you don't have speakers, play it with your phone, if you still don't have a phone, hum the song, tap your feet to the music, nod your head, make use of the little you have at your disposal, buy suya meat, with a bottle of beer if you can't afford shawarma and fish, then go to where you can find solace, and remember to enjoy each and every single moment of your life and be contented, leaving all your worries behind because you can't kill yourself.

In my opinion, these are the reasons why this life is not balanced, and Why you must not "kill yourself."

1. Nigeria is the world's poverty capital according to research, but they have some of the world's highest paid lawmakers and leaders. (This life no balance at all, some statements shouldn't be taken seriously)

2. It could be recalled that many years ago, we had blackberry phones trending; everybody wished to have it, and the famous pinging app which all the slay queens used. Look at now, BlackBerry has extinguished with little to no relevance. (Life no balance, one day, maybe a century ahead, these Lamborghinis would be taxis).

3. Nigeria's Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa, but he is only the 100th amongst the richest in the world. (Life no still balance here)

4. How will i tell someone that Mayweather's wrist watch, (American boxer), values for 18m dollars, which is more in value than Davido's entire net worth according to Forbes. (Life no still balance)

5. Remember Timberland, now we have Gucci: These shoes come and go. In the next 15 years you might regret why you wore Gucci. (Life no balance)

7. While you are dying to buy that expensive car, your mate who is more knowledgeable and educated than you, is pricing a bicycle for 5000 naira in the village. (Life no still balance, if you can't afford it, don't kill yourself).

8. Gareth Bale is on the bench at Real Madrid, earning millions. Who pays someone just to sit? Nigerian league super stars play everyday even with injuries yet they earn less than 50k. (Life no still balance well here. Many are hard working yet they are paid less, while many don't work yet they are rich!)

9. While you sleep and wake up healthy, many have slept and couldn't wake again. And while you struggle for a square meal, many have more than 5 square meals at their disposal but can't eat. (Life no go ever balance, be grateful to God).

10. Big men, despite their billions will defecate and still wipe their butt the same way a man called poor is doing. (This life no balance, at least there should be a technology that evaporates shit ).

11. Nobody expected Arsenal to beat Man city the way they did without City getting a goal. Frankly, that match is always a 5-0 match against Arsenal. (This life no balance, don't be sure of anything)

12. Some professors will intimidate us with their English, but when they gather at a council of professors around the world, they will stay and leave without saying a word because of fear. (Life no balance, don't ever be intimidated. In life, no matter who you are and do, there is somebody better than you).

13. They mock you because you are not married, yet they don't have the peace you have in their marital homes. (Life no fit balance)

14. They claim to speak English better than you, yet they ain't working at Aljazeera/CNN.

15. They are richer than you, having all they have, but they can't afford to smile the way you do because of their own depressing problems.

16. They claim to be better, richer, more educated, prideful, abusive, arrogant, yet they will still die someday, and still be put in a coffin and buried in the ground, the same way a dog is buried. (Life no go ever balance).

In my opinion, I can't kill myself, so do you; It is rational to be contented. Everyone in life, no matter the level, wealth, social status, are all going through one problem or the other. Admit that what you are and have is OK, and remember you can only live once. So instead of worrying, troubling, crying, seeking, and wishing, do your best and leave the rest to God, because this life truly "no balance". That is why in my opinion, though I work hard, i still find time for myself to enjoy the little I have, and also put all my hope on God, because I can't kill myself.

Can you relate with this? Let's hear from you

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