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3 Medical Conditions That Could End A Footballer's Career Early

If there is anything that a footballer fears most apart from losing, is injuries. But thankfully thanks to advancements in medical technology, many injuries such as torn ligaments, dislocations, head trauma and some fractures can be healed. However, there are still some injuries that could end a young players career abruptly.

1. Comminuted Fractures.

These fractures are not just Broken Bones, there are broken bones that have further broken down into tiny pieces. With a normal fracture, the doctor could easily just set it back in place, splint the area and wait for the bone to heal itself. But with comminuted fractures, the bones are almost unrecognizable as different pieces are scattered around, piercing tissue and blood vessels.

2. Heart Problems.

There is a reason why Footballers take their diet very seriously because the heart is not very tolerant when it comes to dealing with cholesterol. Football is a fast paced game that could quickly take its toll an any player whose heart is not in the best shape, causing them to have a heart attack.

Recurring heart problems would make any club physician to recommend not playing the sport anymore as no one wants to risk having a dead man on their hands.

3. Terminal Illnesses.

While some footballers still play with a form of terminal Illness, there is no saying when it would get worse. This simply means that such players are simply playing on borrowed time.

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Broken Bones Comminuted


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