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What Exactly Is The Problem of Manchester United, Ole, or The Players?

I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has done a great job of stabilizing the club after the debacle and mess Jose Mourinho left behind. But I think it would be foolish to expect him to take the team further than that.

For starters, he has the best squad in the world, with 2 or more enviable and potential starters in each position.

He has the current best center-forward in the world (Ronaldo), the best backup center-forward in the world (Cavani), and one of the best young center-forwards in the world (Greenwood). He doesn't know how to use them. He even tried to play all of them as an attacking 3. This takes away width, narrows the team, and makes them predictable especially if the opponent is having a low block defense.


Sancho was bought to fix the problem at the right attack. A manager who finally has his main target at his disposal chooses to either bench him or play him out of position. He is more comfortable attacking from the right while stretching play to create gaps for others. Both Rashford and Martial arguably play their best football as cut-in wingers on the left of attack. They provide a different style of attack compared to Sancho who stretches the low block defense plus Fernandes and Pogba who both attack from the middle. What does Ole the fool do? He plays Pogba on the left of the attack, benches Sancho, and plays both Greenwood and Cavani out of position. This leaves Manchester United without a center-forward a lot of the time since Pogba moves into the middle most of the time and Ronaldo finds himself on the left making the work of the opponent's defense easy to block shots. This is evidenced by Manchester United's 55 shots in the last 2 games with only 10 on target, and 9 of them coming at the Westham game.

Another thing, Manchester United has the best back four in the Premier League, why would Ole deploy 2 holding midfielders to guard that defense? 4-2-3-1 is a safe and cautious formation that replaced the traditional 4-4-2. But for a club that has spent so much on the best attackers in the world, using it against bottom table teams that are coming to defend against you, it's cowardly and a recipe for disaster.

The No.6 issue is just an excuse. If you don't have one, use what you have. Tuchel won the Champions League without a killer striker but he used what he had to grind out results. Scott McTominay plays central defense for Scotland exceptionally well, so I'm very certain he can be a very good holding midfielder. If you want the player to learn and adjust to a role, learn to trust him. How many games did it take Greenwood to get into the No.7 role? It was all about trust.

His substitutes are baffling. He tries to be a genius tactician in making substitutes like Mourinho and Ferguson do/did by making the substitutions in the last 15 minutes. These are geniuses and can change a game using one substitute. Sir Alex had the genius and experience to time the last-minute substitute after watching the game and noticing a loophole to explore to get a last-minute goal. Jose Mourinho is a game reader and master tactician, he makes up for his lack of experience by writing down the opponent's tactics, where to fix his team, and uses that knowledge to time a substitute or substitute who can change the game. Solskjaer lacks both the tactical genius and experience to do that and yet he still does it all the time, fails, repeats, and fails again.

I think Solskjaer has taken Manchester United as far as he can but he lacks what it takes to make a good team to the winning team. This is what separates greatness from the rest. This is what separates genius from mediocrity.

Give Jose Mourinho that squad and he'll win you a quadruple, then leave a mess and go away. Give that team to Sam Allardyce/ Bielsa/ Benitez and they'll get the results that Solskjaer is getting.

Solskjaer is the problem. The team is great, the manager is a copycat who is trying to replicate how Sir Alex Ferguson ground out results.

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