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OPINION: Captain Simon Kjaer Should Be Praised For What He Did To Erikson Immediately He Collapsed

The Euro 2020 tournament kicked off fully on the 11th of June 2021, and several European countries are looking to be crowned champions at the end of the tournament.

On the 12th of June, 2021, the game between Denmark and Finland was suspended in the first half after Christian Erikson collapsed while representing his country in the competition.

The on-pitch referee identified as Anthony Taylor reacted quickly to invite medical staff to the pitch.

Denmark's captain Simon Kjaer reached Christian Erikson before the Medics, and he did something amazing.

(A photo of Erikson being taken away by the Medics)

Simon Kjaer bent Christian Erikson sideways for easy airflow, he also made sure Erikson didn't swallow his tongue as that would lead to a quick death.

The captions may have saved Erikson's life. According to reports from several sources, Christian Erikson is now stable.

(A Photo of Simon Kjaer)

In my opinion, everyone should be taught how to attend to someone who suddenly collapses because it can happen at anytime.

To save a person who suddenly collapses, lift the person's chin upwards to stop the tongue from falling backwards.

The tongue blocks the opening of Larynx and Oesophagus when it falls backwards, and this can lead to a quick death.

I do not know why Christian Erikson fainted, but a heart attack and some other heart related problems can make someone collapse suddenly.

Before the game between Denmark and Finland, Christian Erikson never showed any sign of illness on the pitch.

If anything had happened to Erikson, Denmark would have lost a fine player.

Make sure you're healthy before engaging in any sports that involves running.

Alot of unhealthy persons have lost their lives while participating in a acrobatic game.

Share this article to everyone you know, this piece of information can save lives.

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