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5 Lessons To Learn From The Success Of Cristiano Ronaldo: How He Became The G.O.A.T

Just like many other notable football stars who were born without a silver spoon and didn't rise to glory with the affluence and influence of their wealthy parents,Cristiano Ronaldo popularly known as Cr7 by his numerous fans and admirers started on a zero level,he was born into a humble background.His throwback pictures depicts the fact that he had nothing in the beginning.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on Febuary 5th, 1985.

He spent his childhood in a vast working class neighborhood. His early life was very much shaped by hardships and . His father, was a gardener,who often drank too much, and eventually passed away from kidney complications in 2005. Ronaldo’s mother played a huge role in his journey to stardom as she provided her children and ensured financial constancy.

Here are 5 lessons that we can learn from the success of the 35-years old Juventus and Portugal talisman:

1. Have full faith in your talent

All of us have one or two forms of talent. Cristiano Ronaldo began training while he was at a tender age and has always been passionate about the beautiful game. However, there were many occurrences where people looked down on Ronaldo’s talent. Even he himself occasionally had doubts. One such incident was at the start of the 2007–2008 season.

Ronaldo was red-carded for a headbutt on Portsmouth player Richard Hughes during Manchester United’s second match of the season, for which he was punished with a three-match ban. He became extremely down as there were severe criticisms of his talent. However, Ronaldo would not back down because he had deep self-belief not to doubt his talent.

2. Do not allow setbacks discourage you

When Ronaldo was in school, he was quite popular with other students. Yet at the age of 14 he was expelled after he threw a chair at his teacher. Ronaldo later said of the incident, “He disrespected me.” Although the incident would usually spell disaster for any young child, Ronaldo’s mother encouraged his son to forget about school and focus entirely on football. At the age of 15, Ronaldo was diagnosed with a racing heart condition that would spell disaster for any sport careers. Subsequently, he went for an operation and began training as soon as he was out from the hospital.

3.Honour your mentor

Recall that Sir Alex Ferguson and Ronaldo have had a good relationship. Ferguson helped develop Ronaldo and Ronaldo took his sage advice frequently. Although their relationship reportedly went sour, Ronaldo called Ferguson his father and his most influential person when he quit and went to Real Madrid.

Everybody needs a good mentor to climb the leadership ladder effectively. 

4.Always stay one step ahead of your opponents

Over the years, Ronaldo has adopted his game so that he can score goals from anywhere in the opposition’s half. Ronaldo trains rigorously so that he is always one step ahead of his opponents.

He initially was the king of step-overs. Then, when the opposition started to figure out his moves, he improved his game in different areas.

5. Never quit learning

Despite winning the Ballon d’Or award 5 times, and subsequently winning many other awards, Cristiano Ronaldo does not seem to ease up his training regimen and learning programmes. He continues to push himself hard and keeps learning new tricks to enable him to remain the king of football.

In conclusion,there is much more that can be written about Ronaldo. From this article, becoming the best in the world requires deep inner motivation and hunger. You must want to be the best in the world. After that, you need to keep pushing yourself to grow and learn to achieve the vision you set out for yourself.

Great leadership is similar. It is about having a great dream and then pushing yourself, overcoming setbacks and always staying ahead of the game to ensure you achieve your dream. Go on, be a Ronaldo and conquer the world.

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