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'Football' or 'Soccer', which is the correct term?

Are you still calling it Football or Soccer?

Don't be confused.

Read below to know if you're right or wrong.

If you are in America and you say football, this is what people see. The hard and hefty men moving left and right hitting one another in aggressive manners. You see people flying in the air due to unexpected bash and hits from opponents.

American Football

If you're in Britain or any other country outside America and say Football, this is what people see or talk about.


If those two mean 'football' to different sets of poeple, what is Soccer?

Soccer to an American is what a Briton or other country's citizens call football. If you are in Nigeria, it would be called football but if you happen to be in the United States, you'll hear the term 'Soccer' used in place of football.

Read below for it to be understood easily;

Soccer to an American and sometimes a Canadian is the same thing as regular Football to other people.

Football to an American is 'American Football' which is like rugby except the players put on gears whilst playing this one.

Soccer and Football to a Briton and citizens of other nations is the same thing.


American Football.

Some basic characteristics which are similar include;

In American Football, 11 players are on the pitch per team and the object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball beyond the opponents touch line. 

In Soccer or Regular Football, 11 players per team on the field including a goal keeper and the object of the game is to put the ball in your opponents goalposts.

The American Football is a close contact game, you have to hit each other and collision is allowed whereas in Regular Football, it's controlled and excess contact with bad intent are deemed to be fouls.

Below are some pictures of both games.

American Football

Soccer (Football)

Soccer (Football)

American Football

American Football

Soccer (Football)

American Football

Soccer (Football)

American Football

I hope you now understand the basic differences between those sports?

If you have any contribution(s) or comment(s) to add, please do in the comments section.


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