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Sport Lovers Not Making Money From It Are Having A Demonic Spirit They Don't Know - Pastor Olumide

Pastor Olumide Emmanuel presented during the Day 2 Evening Session of the Kingdom Wealth Conference. He sent an important message to addicted Sports lovers who do not make money from it. He said they had an important program and they separate people according to their categories. They had days dedicated to Nollywood, the political sphere, business, and many others.

He said that they waited for the Sports day and had to pick a different venue because they thought that Sportspeople will be plenty in number. He then revealed that the number of people he saw shocked him. "I was shocked to my bone. It was that day I said that sportspeople are confused. There is a satanic software running your life," he said. He said that the people who showed up for sport were about 30 to 50 people.

He further explained that he was shocked because the way they claim people like sport, they are not ready to make money from that same sport. "You are following Man U and you don't even have a passport; you are wearing a Man. united jersey in Nigeria and you have not even gone to London, something is wrong," he said.

Finally, he said that if you're addicted to something, I think it should be producing for you. "Wrong addictions, all kind of evil going on," he exclaimed. He then advised them to be addicted to the kingdom because God once God sees that you are addicted to his kingdom, then it becomes a trigger, and Boom! Things begin to open up for you. 'God knows you will stand for him and represent him," he said.

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