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Start Your Week With These Short Prayers And You'll Testify The Good Works Of God

In this world, two kingdoms are operating, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of devil. God have destined for us so many good things but the evil one is always against our success and breakthrough. It is therefore very necessary that as we embark on our journey of hardwork, we should also call for the grace of God through prayers. 

Especially when we are beginning a new week. Over the weekend, we must have sinned and come short of his mercy. We must renew ourselves through prayers for a successful and blissful week.

Let us pray:

Father, we praise you, we adore you and we bless your holy name. We plead for your forgiveness in the things we have done and the ones we have failed to do. Lord, as we are entering this new week, may you be our hope. May you lead us to the path of our breakthrough. May you connect us with all round success. Our offices and place of hustle, we commit into your hands. Bless the good work of our hands. Bless our customers. Bless our conversations. May all we do this week, be to your glory and to our joy. We pray O Lord.

Child of God, go and prosper!

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