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8 Greatest Footballers Who Never Played in Premier League

The Premier League's fame means that practically every football fan in the globe is familiar with the players who compete in the English top division. Aside from the league's popularity, its competitiveness is equally appealing. For many footballers, the Premier League is a dream come true because of the high-quality football on display and the widespread media coverage. And, as one might anticipate, the league has produced some outstanding players over the last two decades and beyond. However, the Premier League, like every other league, has not been able to accommodate all of the game's finest players. There are many more legendary players who never played in the English top tier for every Wayne Rooney or Gianfranco Zola. We have compiled a list of ten outstanding footballers who have never appeared in the Premier League.

8. Luiz Figo

Figo could've been the perfect fit to rip the Premier League apart around his prime, creatively relentless and blessed with the pace and power to go with it. He grew into the best player in the world during his five years at Barcelona, and while his controversial move to Real Madrid in 2001 did not hinder him, it would have been nice to see him come to England instead.

7. Raul.

Raul deserves credit for spending the majority of his career to the club where he grew up. It was a fair judgment, as evidenced by 323 goals, six La Liga titles, and three Champions League titles. Even so, having such an incredible goal scorer in the English Premier League would have been something. In the early 2000s, Van Nistelrooy, Henry, and himself were all in charge of the Premier League.

6. Kaka.

If Manchester City had their way in 2009, Kaka would have made a movit to the Premier League in the middle of the season to delight fans and to terrorize Manchester United and Liverpool more often. It wasn't meant to be, and he joined Real Madrid the next summer.

5. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho, arguably the greatest talented footballer of all time, is adored by all football fans, regardless of which team they support. The Brazilian was just incredible, and it was as if he was born with a leather strapped to his legs whenever he touched the ball. Ronaldinho, as exciting as he was, never played in the Premier League. It would have been thrilling to see him work his magic on some of the world's most famous stadiums, such as Old Trafford and Anfield. Ronaldinho's magnificence is unaffected by his failure to play in the Premier League. He won it all in Barcelona and also played for AC Milan, one of Serie A's most illustrious clubs. He was also a beast for Brazil's national squad, which he helped win the FIFA World Cup in 2002

4. Paolo Maldini.

Paolo Maldini, widely regarded as the best defender in the history of the game, spent his entire playing career with AC Milan. Maldini made his debut for AC Milan in 1984 and stayed with the club for 25 years. He made 901 appearances for the club in all competitions, establishing himself as a solid and steady defender capable of playing both left and right back. With the club, he won seven Serie A titles as well as five European Cup/Champions League wins. Maldini was known for his exceptional fitness, which allowed him to be a continuous presence in the AC Milan backline far into his 30s. In 2009, the 53-year-old retired and is now the technical director of AC Milan.

3. Roberto Carlos

The Top 8 Footballers Who Never Played in the Premier League includes a Brazilian legend. The Brazilian left back is widely considered as one of the best defensive players in history. Roberto Carlos is the player/manager for the New Dehli football team in India, and he is 42 years old. The 42-year-old is famous for a curving free kick against France that nearly turned into a U-turn. Roberto Carlos spent the majority of his career with Real Madrid, where he played 370 games for the Galacticos and scored 47 goals while winning three Champions League crowns and four Laliga titles.

2. Delima Ronaldo.

When it comes to debating who the best player in football is, two Ronaldos are usually mentioned .Cristiano Ronaldo and the Brazilian Ronaldo are frequently cited. The former has never played in the Premier League, while the latter has. Ronaldo's excellence is not diminished by the fact that he does not play in the Premier League. In fact, the fact that a player as excellent as the Brazilian has never graced the English Premier League is a great ommision. Manchester United supporters may be the best witnesses to Ronaldo's excellence. When Real Madrid came to Old Trafford for a Champions League match in 2003, Ronaldo single-handedly demolished United. Although the Brazilian scored a fantastic hat-trick, Madrid lost the game 4-3. The Premier League might have had a player with such potential week in and week out.

1. Zinedine Zidane

When Zinedine Zidane's name is mentioned, very few playmakers lift their heads. Wherever he played, the former France international was a beast, and his magnificence was exemplified by the number of trophies he won towards the end of his career. Zidane won numerous trophies for both his club and his country, including the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup. He played in Italy, Spain, and France, but his magic was not able to reach the Premier League. A player like Zinedine Zidane would have thrived in the English Premier League, and many English fans would have delighted to see him in action. Zidane was linked with a move to Manchester United at one time in his career, but nothing came of it.

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