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5 Unjustifiable Reasons Why Most Football Fans Throw So Much Hate at Ronaldo Than Others

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the Greatest of All-time in football History considering the trophies won, personal achievements and lifestyle on and off the pitch.

However, other great players have achieved similar feats such as Lionel Messi, Pele of Brazil, Late Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane etc but these players don't get as much hate as Cristiano Ronaldo does.

Cristiano Ronaldo has oftentimes been criticized for his team's loss even when his performance in the game was limited to injury but in the case of other players, they blamed the entire team. Below is an excerpt from a source in Quora

This is a typical example of unfair journalism in the treatment of one man who has been recognized on the grandest stage as Five times Ballon d'Or winner against all odds.Nevertheless, the reason for this article is to pinpoint five(5) of the most common reasons for such unwarranted attitude to the Portuguese international whose rise to Stardom was met with an Alcoholic Father, rustication from school, health challenges and many others.

1. His Arrogant Nature

Cristiano Ronaldo has been described by many as arrogant on many occasions because of how treats his teammates during and after games especially when they are losing a game.

Another case is that they claim he praises himself above everyone else in his team. An example is when he won the La Liga with Real Madrid for the first time.

He said: " I'd give the team a 9 out of 10 ratings for our performance today but a 10 rating for myself"

In as much as one would feel hatred for him due to this, the truth is, No one wants to lose a game and it takes only a man with a winning mentality to act the way he does know too well of what is at stake.

For case 2, that seemed to me like a joke and if not, let's consider individuals who have on more than 10 occasions praised themselves but yet get little or no criticism for that. An example is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

2. His Goals are Mostly Penalties.

As surprising as it may look, this is one of the most absurd reasons I have ever come across in my years of following football. To make it even more shocking, they coined the name 'Penaldo' to describe him.

The question is how many great penalty takers exist in the world, not to mention the tension and pressure that comes with stepping up to take it when everywhere is void of noise and the fate of many in your hands.

He should rather be appreciated for his high conversion rates and also given credit for not letting his team or country down when such opportunities present themselves.

3. He's a very Selfish Player

In other to attain success, there's a point in one's life when selfishness will set in either when trying to amass wealth, struggling to get on your feet as a beginner in terms of career etc.

In the case of Cristiano, he is usually deployed as a winger or central striker whose primary goal is to the net as many goals as possible.

You can't call someone who has provided the fourth-highest assist in La Liga history as selfish. Why then haven't players such as Mohammed Salah, Arjen Robben etc been called such names.

4. He seeks too much Attention

How can one be a celebrity and not have tons of attention to his/herself in this modern world where technology is available. Cristiano has a huge number of followers on social media based on the level he is as a top-notch footballer.

Some have gone as far as suggesting that his trademark goal celebration is purely to get all the attention in the world. A notable example has to be the case where he takes off his shirts just to show how well built he is.

5. He Claims to be Better Than Messi

In as much as there's a rivalry between these two, team truth remains that none of them sees the other as inferior or lower in his performance.

They recognize each other successes and sees their rivalry as fuel to make them strive hard to become even better.

Finally, playing footballer isn't an easy game and to think of attaining such heights as Cristiano or Messi, then one must understand the hurdles and hard work that is done.

Let's, therefore, learn to appreciate them and see beyond our hatred for them by praying we get the credit we deserve at our various designations. Thank you.

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