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They Burned My Shop And Car During The Military Operation In Ntak Ikot Akpam - Resident Says(Video)

A resident of Ntak Ikot Akpam Community in Essien Udim Local government area of Akwa Ibom state has cried out in an interview with BBC Pidgin about how his shop with goods and car was burned during the recent military operation. Recall that there was a military operation a few hours ago, to fish out criminals who are suspected to be hiding in the area. This is in response to several attacks on security operatives in the area that has resulted to loss of lives and properties. The military went their in search of the criminals and a joint land and air strike was conducted in an attempt to dislodge and put an end to the crimes of the Gunmen. But it it turns out that innocent citizens suffered during the operation and that is the case of a man who spoke to BBC Pidgin when they visited the area.

Speaking to reporters in a Facebook live video, the man talks about how his shop with goods worth millions of Naira was Allegedly burned by soldiers. He could be seen in a really sad mood as he explained in the video that the shop was his only source of livelihood which means that right now, he does not have money to even feed his family. He also mentioned that his car was burned and they were all seen in the video. He actually sells motor spare parts and in the video, they were looking around to see if they can get some things from the burns. There was also some damage done to his house and his wife was just in tears while sitting down.

Photos of the man standing in front of his burned shop.

More photos of the shop.

Photos of his burned car.

Photos from damages done to his house.

It was also noticed in the video, that many people who had fled the community because because of panic and fear during the operation were yet to return. The streets were all scanty, shops had no one in them and there were no bikes on the roads.

The streets were scanty as many had fled the community.

Click to watch the live video that was uploaded on BBC Pidgin's official Facebook page.

This is a really sad development given that the aim of the operation was to flush out criminals. Now innocent citizens have been affected which means that they need help. Share this on and it might reach the appropriate authorities. We hope that the government can come to their aids as they do not deserve this. What are your thoughts?

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Naira Ntak Ikot Akpam


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