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OPINION: PSG Players Should've Shown Messi A Bit Of Respect & Stopped Him From Laying Down Yesterday

Lionel Messi has dominated the headlines of every football outlet this morning after his incredible performance against Manchester City in the champions league yesterday night.Photo credit: Getty Images

The Barcelona legend who seemed to be struggling to adjust to his new life as a Paris Saint-Germain player finally found the back of the net for the Les Parisiens as he superbly placed the ball beyond the reach of Ederson Moraes to score PSG's second goal of the match.

Playing alongside Neymar and Mbappe for the second time in the European competition, Messi was hoping to help get the club's UCL ambitions back on track after their shocking 1-1 draw with Club Brugge in the first round of the group matches.Photo credit: Getty Images

There was no better opponents for Messi to score his first PSG goal against than Man City. Not only did he score a brilliant, his all round game was really good and showed signs that PSG could very well become unplayable once they have a fit squad who have trained really well and understand each other's game.Photo credit: Getty Images

During the game, with Man City looking to score from a freekick, Lionel Messi, in his selfless service and commitment to the team decided to lay down on the ground to prevent City from shooting the ball underneath the wall.Photo credit: Getty Images

This scenario has sparked numerous reactions from people who watched the game and a lot of them were not impressed that Lionel Messi was allowed to do what he did.

Former Manchester United player and legend, Rio Ferdinand has also spoken about the incident claiming he would've said "no no no" to Messi and stopped him from laying down.

Photo credit: Getty Images

In my opinion, the PSG players should've shown Messi a bit more respect and stopped him from laying down behind the wall. I understand that football is a team sport and everyone has a role to play for the team to win.

But in this case, I don't agree that Messi should be laying on the ground behind the wall with less than 5 minutes left to play in the game.Photo credit: Getty Images

With all his achievements and success as a player, Messi should not have to be doing this at PSG while the likes of Ander Herrera are standing by.

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