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Opinion: Vinicius looked energetic in attack and was a threat against Sevilla Today.

I've observed that many fans are angry with Vinicius and are calling him all sort of names after today's game, but I'm happy with his performance tonight.

He looked energetic in attack and brought a threat against Sevilla Today.His dribbling has been off in the previous games, but today he was always a threat.

He completed 5 out of his 6 attempted dribbles, and created 3 chances. In the previous games I saw a Vinicius who played a safe game when he started, but today he played his natural game.

He tried to beat the defenders with his pace, always looked out for one-two's with Benzema (Gladbach game haftime chat had a good effect on him), lost the ball while dribbling, but he never stopped trying and took risks.

He succeeded at times and failed at times, but he never stopped trying. If we had someone like Asensio on the left flank, it would've been just crosses or backpasses, who couldn't have taken any risk. Even a post lockdown Hazard was like that.

I don't know why people have been so harsh on Vinicius, maybe it's because he misses chances or maybe because other youngsters are playing well, but remember he's the guy who won the match for us tonight.

Coming to the missed chances, the one in the first minute was from a narrow angle and the goalkeeper had it covered with his legs, was very tough for him. The second miss, which has gone viral, is perhaps something which he should've scored. But he couldn't have guessed that Bounou would let it bounce, and Bounou had spilled it when Vini took an aimless kick.

In those slow motion videos, you will feel like Vinicius made a blunder and he had all of the time in the world, but in real time he didn't have much time. Before you blame him, let me remind you that it was Vini who won the ball there.

And how can people ignore the fact that it was his touch which caused the goal for us. If not for his effort to get there and touch on the ball, Bounou would've easily collected that.

It wasn't Bounou's mistake which caused the goal, it was Vini's touch. Bounou didn't have much time to change his position, after Vini got the touch.

I've seen few people say he has wasted counters, while in my opinion he was actually the only guy who showed interest to capitalise on the counter.

But one drawback was that he always looked for Benzema and not Vazquez/Rodrygo (particularly in one sequence). He has to improve his decision making, and on a funny note, he has to let the fear of "I shouldn't disappoint Benzema" go away.

His off the ball movement when the ball is coming into the box is great, but his understanding of when to make a run and when to not make one must improve.

He is standing still when the midfielders are having the ball. He should offer himself as an option by making a run. There was one particular sequence where Modric indicated him to make a forward run, while Vini was static. You've to improve here buddy, no excuses for this.

Keep believing in yourself and keep working hard kid, you'll definitely improve.Also, don't claim own goals as your goals before the media man, looks awkward.

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