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Ronaldo pulls an Air Jordan to Score an Unbelievable Headed Goal as Messi struggles in #ElClasico

Cristiano Ronaldo was 2.56 metres in the air when he connected with his headed goal against Sampdoria tonight.

Reaction of the fans to Ronaldo goal!!!!!

They still can't believe what they saw, an incredibly amazing goal from an unreal height. Pure Athleticism from Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo defied the laws of physics to score the crazy header for Juventus. He jumped 8 and a half ft in the air.

This picture of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Sampodria tonight is absolutely insane. 2.56m in the air when he connected with the header (8ft 5in the air). He is a freak athlete. He is more like Air Cristiano. ✈️ 

Some have nicknamed him the Air Bender, Air Jordan, Airplane and all that.

Juventus went on to win the game, with a previous goal from Dybala in the 19th minute , leveled by Caprari in the 35th minute and Ronaldo's Beautiful Header in the 45th minute that gave Juventus the Winner.

Messi capped a heated performance today by missing a glaring sitter.

The El Classico ended in a Goaless Draw for the first time since 2002.

Casemiro holding Messi, Suarez and De jong was Epic. He was the Man of the match for me.

Unreal development of this player.

One of the Best Central Defensive Midfielders in the World.

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