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3 Nigerian Players who are dedicated to their Religion and don't hide their love for things of God.

Religion is something that a lot of people cannot do without. In Nigeria, Religion is a very important part of the country and so we have a lot of dedicated Christians and Muslims in the Nation.

Irrespective of Fame, Wealth or Achievement, Religion is something That makes us humble and brings us Closer to God.

In our Today's Article, we would be taking a quick look at three Nigerian Footballers who don't joke with Religious Activities. These Footballers are all Christians and it has been observed that the three of them often make references to Bible verses whenever they are making a post on social Media.

Let's check them out.

1. Peter Osaze Odemwingie.

Peter Osaze Odemwingie is a Retired Nigerian Footballers and a former member of the Nigerian National team. Osaze was one of the Fans favourite during his time with the Super Eagles of Nigeria. He has played as a Striker for several clubs in Europe and beyond, scoring a lot of Goals and Winning a couple of Trophies and Individual awards for himself.

Osaze Odemwingie is certainly a man who loves and dedicates himself to the things of God. His love for his Religion has been Displayed severally on social Media as he often Quotes Bible verses on his Instagram posts.

Checkout some of his posts on Instagram

. 2. Daniel Akpeyi

Daniel Akpeyi is a Nigerian Footballer who plays as a Goalkeeper for South African Club, Kazier Chiefs. He is currently a member of the Nigerian Super Eagles. The Goalkeeper is also one of the Nigerian Footballers who don't joke with Religious Activities. Daniel Akpeyi often make some quotes on his Instagram Posts Which shows that he is really a Dedicated Christian who still creates time for God, Despite his Busy schedule as a Professional Footballer.

Daniel Akpeyi recently took his child for Dedication in the church and one key thing to note is that on his Instagram post, he made it clear that his new born son Will serve God with Everything within him.

Checkout some of his posts on Instagram

.3. Abraham Marcus.

Abraham Marcus is a Nigerian Footballer who was newly invited to the National team and took part in the Double friendly game against Cameroon in Austria, Early last Month. Abraham Marcus Plays as a Midfielder for Portuguese club, Feirense. Just like the other players mentioned above, Abraham Marcus is also a player that is dedicated to his Religion. His Instagram posts shows that he truly loves the Bible. On several posts he has made on Instagram, the Youngster often Includes some Bible verses.

Checkout some of his posts on Instagram

This is really impressive to see that Despite the Fame, Popularity and wealth these players have, they still create time to show how dedicated and Committed they're in serving God.

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