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Hustle, So That In Your Next Life You Will Have A Family Like Ronaldo

Anyone that says that money is not good, that person has been swayed away by abject poverty. Money answereth all, with money you are already in heaven while on Earth.

Just see how Ronaldo is enjoying his sit-at-home with his lovely family. Poor people will tell you "vanity upon vanity, a is vanity". That word is disgusting and annoying, when you don't have money you find any excuse to see your position as the best. People that has money should enjoy their money to the fullest.

If you work hard like the almighty Ronaldo, you will live a flamboyant life like him or even more. Hard work really pays, I the writer is even jealous of the pictures above, how lovely his living with his family.

His life is a practical example of a life of a celebrity, they are public figure, everything they do is good to the people and fans. Ronaldo has about 230M Instagram followers, each picture he post worth 10million likes and millions of comments.Cristiano Ronaldo Salary 2020. Cristiano Ronaldo will reportedly earn roughly $663,000 per week with Juventus, or roughly $35 million per year.Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first footballer in history to become a billionaire during his career. According to Forbes , the Juventus star made $105 million (£83m) before tax in the last year, taking his total worth over the $1 billion (£789m) mark.

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