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6 Detailed Reasons Why Anthony Joshua Can Knock Out Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury handed Deontay Wilder his second consecutive career defeat, and even since the fight happened, Anthony Joshua have been advised by many boxing fans and analysts to avoid his fellow British man. Nobody saw Evander Hollyfield beating Mike Tyson twice, Joe Frazier knocking down Mohamed Ali and Lenox Lewis beating Mike Tyson, which is why one or two losses should not be used to judge Anthony Joshua. Here are 6 detailed reasons why AJ knockout Fury;

1, Weight Advantage: Tyson Fury uses his weight as an advantage to suffocate his opponents, which is what he did against wilder, hence we saw why wilder got very tired quickly, he even had to add more weight just because of this strategy. All Anthony Joshua needs to counter that strategy and not play into his tricks.

2, Anthony Joshua is 6ft 6 and well built aswell with a multidimensional pattern. He is the only one with the endurance and power punch to take down fury. All he needs to do is to jab him hard at every opportunity he gets.

3, The 31 year-old, didn't become world champ by chance, he fought all the best in the division and took on every mandatory challenge, even Deontay Wilder avoided him. Joshua will need several training in the art of endurance and getting a stomach for pains.

4, AJ fights to avoid getting hit or reduce the amount of hits his opponents get, Tyson Fury on the other hand, fights technically on offense and balance. Anthony just needs to learn how to conserve energy and also learn how to counter all Fury's strategies.

5, Joshua is pure class and has all the kinds of brutality to take anyone out, he has learned how to disguise his devastating power and could suddenly unload 'thunderous jabs' to shock Tyson Fury. The 33 year-old has a great foot and head movement for a giant heavyweight, but the only way he will defeat Anthony Joshua, is to find a way to make him tired very early in the bout.

6: Finally, the British-Nigerian needs to change his team and trainer, because they will continue to lead him astray.

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